Church of Belén


Jr. Belén cuadra 1, Cusco - Cusco - Perú


It was built in the year 1550, reason why it is considered the oldest convent within the city. It is an important construction, for having been the first convent of mestizo women that was created during the Colony.
It is said, that initially the temple was not known by this name, but was called the Temple of the Magi. History says that by the middle of the sixteenth century some fishermen found in the sea chalaco, a box of great proportions, that was floating.

Interested in the discovery, they brought him to the shore, great was the surprise of these men, when they opened the box, they found inside the effigy of the Virgin Mary with the child in her arms. It accompanied this Marian image, a note, in which it was said that it was the Virgin of Bethlehem and that it was destined for the city of Cusco. When the religious authorities of Lima learned of the event, they hurried to transfer the sacred image to Cusco, and since it did not have a temple to be placed, it was finally decided that it should be built in the then Temple of the Kings Magicians who, from now on, was known as the Church of Bethlehem. .

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